We provide quality termite & pest control solutions.


Mid America Pest Control offers a full range of pest control services, from residential to commercial, and everything in between. Mosquito and tick control, termite control, bed bug treatments; these are just a few of our pest control services. We start with the pests biology and look at all avenues of control, not just pesticides, to eliminate the insects or pests that are interfering with your health, happiness and your home or business. We learn the latest methods and techniques so we get the best results. We believe that controlling the pests you face is a vital service, one that actually keeps us safe and happy. It is evident in everything we do in pest control. Common household bugs are resilient, but they are no match for our dedication, ingenuity and perseverance.

Seven-Point Service Process Gets Pests Out Fast!

When it comes to pest control in the Four State Area, getting rid of pests and keeping them out long-term is our top priority. We proudly offer a seven-point service process that allows us to thoroughly and completely treat your home. Beyond just spraying your home for bugs, we’ll work with you to determine the type and extent of your pest problem. When you trust us with your pest control needs, we will:

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  1. Guarantee your scheduled service time
  2. Thoroughly inspect the exterior and interior of your home
  3. Remove all cobwebs from your foundation
  4. Expertly apply liquid treatment around foundation and pest entry points identified by a technician
  5. Treat perimeter block wall
  6. Add granular and/or bait treatments to the exterior of your home for added protection
  7. Give you a quality control call after and between monthly treatments
Ant Exterminator

Ants are a very common pest in your house. They can be anywhere in your house; the bathroom, living room, kitchen, pantry, etc. Getting rid of them isn't as hard as you might think. At Mid America Pest Control, we can have your home ant free in no time!

Bed Bug Treatments

It's been a long day, you're ready to call it a night and go to bed. However, you might have some bed bugs that are beginning to emerge. The last thing you want to worry about is those pesky bed bugs that come out every night! Call Mid America Pest Control and we will eliminate the bed bugs from your home!

Termite Inspection & Treatment

Are you finding wood parts of your house becoming damaged? Are you finding mud tubes on your house? You might have termites. At Mid America Pest Control, we will come out and inspect your home for termites. We will do a thorough search around the interior and exterior of your premise, find the termites and get your home treated right away!

Cockroach Extermination

Cockroaches love to hang out in your bathroom, living room and especially the kitchen! They usually come out at night searching for food. By keeping your kitchen sink and counters clean can help keep them away. However, if you still see them coming into your home, give us a call and we will help eliminate them!

Spider Removal

Like ants, spiders are very common in homes. Spiders can be beneficial when they trap other pests in their webs. However, not everyone enjoys finding them in their homes. If you are finding spiders, give us a call. We will remove and work to prevent more spiders from entering your home.

Mice Control

Mice can enter your home through the smallest holes. If they can get their jaw in the hole, they can chew at it and make it bigger for them to enter. Be sure to seal up all the holes around your home. However, if a mouse still finds its way into your home, give us a call! We will work to get the mice out!

Crickets Extermination

Crickets are everywhere in the summer time. They are also attracted to your porch light. If there are any cracks or holes on your home, they will let themselves in. If you notice any crickets in your home, give us a call and we will exterminate them.

Scorpions Extermination

Scorpion stings can be very painful! Avoid the sting and call us instead! At Mid America Pest Control we will come in a eliminate the scorpions!

Heat/Liquid Bed Bug Treatment

Sometimes, the best way to terminate bed bugs is by using a heat treatment. Heat treatments are great because not only are they eco-friendly, they also kill all stages of the bed bugs, from the egg to the adult. The heat can also go into the walls and reach the bed bugs in those hard to reach/hard to see areas.

Liquid bed bug treatment is using a pesticide to kill the bed bugs on contact. It can also drive the bed bugs out of their hiding places. The liquid treatment can also be used in every little crack and crevice in any room.

If you find yourself with a bed bug issue, give us a call. We will come assess the situation and decide which treatment is the best for your situation.

Residential Services

Mid America Pest Control has the Integrated Pest Control solution for you. After an inspection of your home, we put together the best, individualized treatment plan for your pest problem.

Commercial Services

Mid America Pest Control strives to control pest problems, while preventing any damage to your business's contents and structures. Our Pest control Technicians are certified and properly trained to take care of your commercial pest problems. After inspecting your specific problem, we start a pest control and prevention system customized to your distinct requirements. We have over 20 years of experience in providing Integrated Pest Control services for office buildings, retail stores and any other type of commercial setting. Our proven success in commercial pest control makes us one of the most reliable companies in our service area.

Industrial Services

With solutions for all pest and rodent problems in every industrial environment, we at Mid America Pest Control have created specialized treatments for all industries. Our company has programs for food distribution, manufacturing, food production, shipping and receiving warehouses, along with other various industrial environments. Mid America Pest Control creates a customized treatment and monitoring service to meet each unique problem we encounter. Our Integrated Pest Control system will control fly, rodent, bird and any other pest problems in your facility. We follow all state requirements and only use what is allowed for your industries working environment. Safe and approved methods of treatment and prevention, are the other way we do things. We will always look out for your company's best interests.

Food Industry

Our company provides the highest quality service for your food service facilities. We begin by doing a complete inspection of your facility, which is followed by assessing the information obtained upon our inspection. Based on the data we gather, we implement a unique Integrated Pest Control solution that meets the particular needs of your business. Once the problem is treated, we provide regular service and monitoring to ensure complete pest control and prevention. This service also includes fly and rodent control.

You Will LOVE the Results -- We Guarantee It!

Providing you with quality service is our top priority! Our Quality Control Program consists of auditing, performance evaluations and report monitoring to ensure our high standards are met. We are so confident in our professional pest control services in the Four State Area that we guarantee every treatment. If you find live pests in your home after treatment, or if you are unsatisfied with your services for any reason, we will come and retreat your home for free. If you find an issue with quality, we will be right there on your doorstep to help remedy the problem. You can count on use to get the job done right, and protect your home long-term!